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We work with businesses around the world, helping them to reach Page #1 in Google

We have built 89+ softwares & Apps for corporates, eCommerce Business & SartUps.

techpri.me Video Service is Proven to Boost Businesses for Education, Social Media & Other Industries. 

Social Media is our next home. We manage multi-industries social media handles of our clients.

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Infibite Cards:Our esteemed client has benefited from the innovative technology developed by our talented team of developers. Our objective was to create a revolutionary solution that would transform the traditional method of sharing contact information during physical meetings.

The Infibite Smart card was designed to simplify this process by allowing users to share their contact points with just a simple tap on the recipient’s mobile device. This card provides access to all pertinent contact details, including social media links, and seamlessly saves the information to the recipient’s mobile phone without the need for any additional mobile applications.

For further information, please visit their website at www.infibitecards.com.

we make websites / art/ brands/ illustrations / 3d art / apps / videos / eBooks / content writing / SEO/ more
we make websites / art/ brands/ illustrations / 3d art / apps / videos / eBooks / content writing / SEO/ more
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"The website looks great. It has a modern feel looks great on both laptop and phone format, and tucks all of the boxes I was looking for."

Jackie Ross
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"Fantastic agency of truly talented and friendly people. They really took the time to listen and delivered results that were better than we could have hoped."

Mr. Ahmed Bilal
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“techprime is an Excellent organization to work with. Their ongoing customer support and skill in media development is the most professional I have encountered “

Sara Lima